During my visit at Racos stone quarry, I was intrigued by a rock formation that was carved or mined and had a very bright white color, in contrast with the deep grey of the basalt around. I went to that area of the quarry to photograph it from short distance. I took several shots on 6×6 film and suddenly, I remarked in the view finder a pigeon that was staring at me, right in the center of the composition at only a few feet away.  At first, I couldn’t believe it. The dove seemed to look at me without being afraid and had a very inquisitive attitude, highly uncommon to the said soulless creatures. I took several shots and changed the camera with a 35 mm one, to be sure that I captured the image. He didn’t move and kept looking at me.

A man that was breaking stone at the entrance of the quarry, told me later that it was a racing pigeon, coming from Budapest and traveling to Bucharest. Often, these pigeons land down to the quarry, to drink water and for relaxing a wile in their long flight.

I told to a friend, photographer, about this strange encounter and he told me that he experienced a similar event with a salamander on Mount Sinai, decades ago. It seems that some animals want to communicate with their relatives humans. And, after all, animals are not so different than us or soulless, as some people vainly believe.

THE LAST PIGEONThe last Pigeon