In Transylvania, not far from the medieval village of Sighisoara, is an old, deserted, quarry of basalt, called Racos, at 2 km away from the village with the same name.

Once a pretty active area, now the industrial activity is missing and there is a lot of people jobless. I visited the quarry in order to take some pictures of the lake formed on its bottom, lake that is very clear and wind protected, reflecting beautifully the blue sky above. When I was approaching the quarry, I heard from some distance the sound of a hummer that was crushing stone. There was a man, in his 60’s that on a very hot day – more than 40 degrees Celsius – was breaking stone for living. I photographed him working on a step of the quarry, from above, then I went down and talked to him. He was about to finishing his work day, because the heat of the sun became to overwhelming. I waited him to finish, then he accompanied me around the quarry, showing me a lot of interesting stuff.

 IMG008  IMG005IMG003IMG010IMG002He takes only 0.3 $ for each cubic piece of stone finished. Not too much for such hard work, don’t you agree?