Yeni-Sale or Heraclea is an ancient citadel at the gates of the Danube Delta. It was built on the second half of the 14th century, but the discoveries of some Dacian tombs confirm the settlement of humans long before Jesus Christ.

I was there a month ago, with a friend, to take some pictures of the citadel and of the Delta of the Danube. We planned a two day trip, but eventually we returned on the same day. I shot just one roll of 120 mm Fuji Velvia 50 film with a Mamiya 6. From the pictures taken I chose one that it seemed to me pretty good, I printed it, framed it and I displayed it in my gallery.

Today I was visited by an old friend of mine that, looking at this picture, exclaimed: “What a scary picture!”. I asked him why it seems to him so scary and he pointed to the cloud formation over the citadel: “Look! It is a skull looking down to the citadel! THAT is scary…” I looked to the picture and he was completely right. A clear form of a skull, composed by several clouds was looking down. There is even a scythe visible in his right side. Yes, the picture is strange and scary…

There is no digital manipulation whatsoever in the picture. I just converted it in black and white and no other intervention has been done. Yeni - SaleSkull with scythe looking down to the Yeni-Sale citadel

One last strange thing. I published this post as the 66th post released on this blog, after the latest one “Crime occurs in certain places” and WordPress congratulated me with this citation: “I try to leave out the parts that people skip.” Elmore Leonard