Lingering on the same idea as in the previous post, like seeing winter landscapes could bring a cool breeze in these hot days, I remembered one of the most interesting things seen during the long and heavy winter of 2011. It’s a water castle used for irrigation, somewhere near Bucharest. The tower had a leakage and the water had frozen in a 15 meters long icicle. I took some pictures from beneath the icicle but the sound made by this huge piece of ice as the sun was heating it, quickly scared me away.  I asked a friend, that was accompanying me, to stay near the water castle to give the scale of the THING. It was like a strange, sphere like, unidentified flying object that was about to lift off the ground, when the final countdown suddenly stopped because the space has frozen, with everything it contained. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?


10, 9, 8, …

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