High in the mountains, at around 2.000 m above the sea level, on Transalpina road, in Romania, in a cloudy and rainy day of October, I captured these wonderful photographs.

As a curiosity, the sheep were going down the valley, with the rams ahead, protecting the herd. At a certain moment I was surrounded by 6 to 10 rams that were showing aggressively their horns to me. I talked to them as you talk to calm down the dogs and they quickly left me away.

  IMG027ENHBWXSIMG029ENHBWXSIMG031ENHBWXSIMG023ENHBWXSIMG016ENHBWXSIMG028ENHBWXSIMG020ENHBWXSIMG010ENHBWXS Transalpina is the highest road in Romania and pays the inquisitive voyager with very beautiful, even astounding landscapes. There are also plenty of semi wild horses along the road, as those photographed above.


IMG0151 ENH bw IMG0131 ENH bw