A few days ago I had the occasion to visit in Italy, at Parma, a place were the famous “prosciutto di Parma” is born. What an interesting and fascinating visit!

Parma has a well established reputation for its culinary wonders such as “prosciutto“, “culatello”, “salame di Felino”, “parmigiano Reggiano”, Barilla products, Parmalat, and many, many other products. The Parma ham, or better known as “prosciutto di Parma” is a very natural aliment. The pigs are raised only in a very determinate area, using a certain diet and are sacrificed and processed in highly restricted and controlled environments. No artificial flavors and preservatives. Just a bit of salt and pepper. And plenty of love and tradition.

The factory itself is a blend of  cutting edge technology and very old techniques and recipes. Once 6 stories, open to the fresh and clean air of the Langhirano hills and pretty much labor consuming plants, now  computer controlled environments, with very few workers.  Nonetheless, they still use  “l’ossa di cavallo” (a piece of horse bone) to check if the preservation of the meat is properly going on. The ham is hung over at least 14 months to become a prosciutto di Parma. The best is 24 months. The king of prosciutto is cullatello.

One interesting thing to know about prosciutto. The fat is actually good for health, so don’t cut it off. Prociutto contains poly unsaturated fats, so don’t be afraid about bad cholesterol!

I visited two of the best processing factories: Rulliano and Galloni. The pictures are from the fratelli Galloni’s prosciuttificio. They deliver worldwide and are the best.

If you happen to go in Italy, you must try a big plate of “assaggio di salumi” with a non-fermo Lambrusco red wine or the very tasteful combination of prosciutto and melon. You will thank to the God for this gastronomic wonder and remember: it came out from the real Italian passion, tradition, care and proud. Prosciutto – the King of salami!

ITL_9060 ITL_9061 ITL_9062 ITL_9065 ITL_9073 ITL_9074The engineer Francesco Ferrari from Aierre Engineering, the designers of the prosciutto factory and one of the best engineering companies in Italy.

ITL_9077 ITL_9080 ITL_9085 ITL_9107 ITL_9108 ITL_9110 ITL_9112130.000 pezzi

ITL_9116 ITL_9131 ITL_9134 The Rolls Royce of the “le fettatrice”

ITL_9146 ITL_9143 ITL_9144  ITL_9149 ITL_9152 ITL_9156 ITL_9162 Dancing among the goodies

ITL_9166 ITL_9173ITL_9165ITL_9187  ITL_9181 ITL_9186ITL_9175Prosciutto di Parma – a trully culinary wonder