I have recently visited the Museum of Technique in Bucharest. Very, very interesting! You don’t have to expect to see cutting edge technologies or robots or nano technology… No! It seems that the technique evolution in Romania has stopped decades ago. It’s a pity, considering the outstanding Romanian contribution to the modern world  and I would mention here the turbo reactor of the air jets, the insulin, the pen, the Teflon, Traian Vuia’s the first man-carrying monoplane of basically modern configuration, among many other inventions and achievements. But, the Bucharest Museum of (Old) Technique is so fascinating and delightful! Old machinery, motors, electrical assemblages, models, are displayed in an old-fashion manner, frozen in time decades ago. It’s a marvelous photographic world in there! Please look at the picture below and I feel sure that it will rise your interest to visit it! The address is: the main entrance in the Parc Carol, Bucharest, Romania.

Gear used for taking the pictures:

NIKON D7000 – NIKKOR 35 MM F1,8 lens – hand held, no flash.

You can see the best pictures took at the Museum of Technique  on my official photography site at www.costinirimia.com

Am vizitat recent Muzeul Tehnicii din Parcul Carol din Bucuresti. Extrem de interesant! Nu trebuie sa va asteptati sa vedeti ultimile realizari stintifice… Nu! Se pare ca timpul a inghetat acolo cateva decenii in urma. Este pacat pentru ca Romania a dat lumii atatea inventii si descoperiri importante! As mentiona aici turboreactorul, insulina, stiloul, teflonul sau primul zbor complet autonom cu un monoplan modern facut de Traian Vuia in 1905. Dar Muzeul Tehnicii din Bucuresti este atat de fascinant si incantator! Este un paradis pentru fotografi. Masinarii stravechi, motoare cu aburi, cu combustie interna si electrice foarte interesante, machete, etc… Merita sa petreceti o dupa-amiaza vizitand acest vechi si incantator muzeu.

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