„I see a large city whose fame will touch the stars!“ said princess Libuse standing on a cliff overlooking the Vltava and pointing to a forested hill across the river…

“And because even the great noblemen must bow low before a threshold, you shall give it the name Praha”. Her words were obeyed and some two hundred years later, the city of Prague became the seat of the Premyslid dynasty. That’s the legend of the 6th most visited European city and one of the most beautiful in the whole world.

“Văd un oraș întins, a cărui glorie va ajunge la stele! “ spune printesa Libuse urcata pe un damb deasupra Vltavei si aratand spre un deal impadurit de peste apa…

“Si deoarece chiar si un om nobil trebuie sa se incline in fata pragului, va avea numele de PRAGA”. Cuvintele sale au fost ascultate si vreo doua secole mai tarziu, Praga devine capitala dinastiei Premyslid. Aceasta este legenda celeui de-al seselea cel mai vizitat oras din Europa si totodata unul dintre cele mai frumoase orase din lume.

The Charles’s bridge. A few years ago this magnificent bridge over Vltava river celebrated its 650th birthday! The first stone was laid in the year 1357 on the 9th of July at 5:31 in the morning, because that was – according to the numerologist of the King’s Court – just the right time to begin the construction. The magical number 135797531 was carved on a stone in the bridge’s tower.

Bodul Charles. Acum cativa ani, acest magnific pod deasupra raului Vltava si-a sarbatorit cea de-a 650-a aniversare! Prima piatra a fost pusa in dimineata zilei de 9 iulie 1357, la ora 5:31, deoarece – la sfatul numerologistilor curtii regale – acesta ar fi fost timpul perfect pentru inceperea constructiei. Numarul magic 135797531 a fost gravat intr-o piatra in unul dintre turnurile podului.

It is said that real eggs were added to mortar to strengthen the bridge, gathered from all over the Kingdom. One village, fearing that the eggs could broke during travel, boiled them. At their arriving, people were laughing but the workers had a good meal.

Se spune ca oua crude au fost adaugate retetei mortarului folosit. Aceste oua ar fi fost adunate din lungul si latul regatului. Un sat, temandu-se ca ouale s-ar putea sparge in timpul calatoriei, s-au gandit ca ar fi mai bine sa le fiarba. Cand ouale fierte au ajuns la santier, lumea a ras, insa muncitorii s-au bucurat de un pranz pe cinste.

Bulidings on Vltava river.


One day a prisoner, looking at the famous astronomical clock, noticed that a sparrow was caught in the mouth of Death. The unlucky man believed that sight to be a bad omen and thought that he would spend the rest of his life in prison. But, as the next hour stroke, the clock started moving again, the jaw of Death opened and, to the prisoner’s great relief, the sparrow set itself free and flew away. A few days later the convict was released from prison and was free again.

Intr-o zi, un prizonier a zarit o sageata infipta in Gura Mortii. Omul a crezut ca este un semn rau si isi va petrece restul zilelor in temnita insa ceasul, in ora urmatoare, a reinceput sa se miste. A doua zi prizonierul a fost eliberat.


That”s it for now. In short time I’ll post different kind of pictures about Prague…

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